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May 21 2018


How to Start Prepping

https://medium.com/@ReadyLifestyle/prepping-101-12-tips-to-help-people-start-prepping-b031cdc4c87c Certain, you are in decent shape, and your iPhone has GPS and an app for every little thing. But what occurs when you’re injured or stranded and the batteries die? You will need a handful of essential expertise for the inevitable moment when you find—or lose—yourself devoid of that digital crutch.Survival expert Creek Stewart, author of Build The Excellent Bug-Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit, has spent thousands of hours testing himself in true globe survival scenarios and training other people to be competent in the expertise he’s discovered. “It’s not if disaster will strike,” he likes to say. “But when.”“You can read countless books on survival procedures and watch YouTube instructional videos all day extended,” Stewart says. “But until you get out into the field on your hands and knees and practice those capabilities yourself, all you will have is a false sense of safety that you’d know what to do in a crisis.”If you’ve haven’t mastered these 12 core tenets of wilderness security, there’s no time like the here and now to practice. Bring your most backwoods-savvy friend along for guidance—and don’t overlook to let a person else (buddies, family members, park rangers) know precisely exactly where you’re headed just before you take off.

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